Top Workplaces: Ivantis brings tech smarts, equity share to its team

Glaucoma is something all of us hope to avoid, but an estimated 80 million Americans suffer from this chronic eye condition which can result in vision loss and even blindness.

Traditional surgeries to address glaucoma can be risky, but Irvine-based Ivantis has developed an alternative with the Hydrus Microstent, the first minimally invasive glaucoma surgery device designed to be implanted into a significant portion of the natural outflow channel.

Ivantis was founded in 2007 by two coronary-stent inventors who believed their expertise in treating cardiovascular disorders could be applied to other parts of the body impacted by fluid flow. They identified glaucoma, which impacts nearly 80 million people globally and costs the U.S. health care system $3 billion annually, as a significant need.

This year marks the first time Ivantis has been honored in the annual Top Workplaces program. Employees who took the survey commended their employer for promoting a spirit of innovation and inclusion. “It’s satisfying to train surgeons and help them improve the quality of life for their glaucoma patients,” said one employee.

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