PursueCare Partners With Owl to Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes for Patients with Substance Use Disorders

Today Owl announced that PursueCare, a telehealth addiction recovery and mental health services company, has selected Owl’s measurement-based care solution to improve the quality of care for its patients. Owl’s evidence-based care solution further underscores PursueCare’s commitment to be a leading data-driven digital health company that focuses on delivering innovative telehealth care to its patients across the 12 states in which they operate.

“Our goal at PursueCare is to prove that value-based care driven by evidence and innovation will improve health outcomes for people living with substance use disorder. Traditional care models have struggled with timeliness, engagement, retention, and solving for social determinants of health. Collaborating with Owl will enhance our measurement-based solutions and further solve for these critical factors in care. It will also help us to show health plans how effective targeted and integrative specialty telehealth can be at improving the health of members,” said Nick Mercadante, chief executive officer and founder of PursueCare.

The ability to objectively measure and continuously track the impact of medication and clinical services for behavioral health conditions has been well accepted as an approach to improve clinical outcomes, yet unfortunately only about 18% of psychiatrists and 11% of psychologists use measurement-based care in routine practice, according to The Kennedy Forum’s whitepaper, Fixing Behavioral Healthcare in America.

“In the healthcare field, it’s undisputed that measurement-based care is a powerful and proven approach for improving access, clinical outcomes, and financial results, yet it’s often the missing link to various addiction recovery and behavioral health programs,” said Eric Meier, president and chief executive officer of Owl. “We look forward to equipping PursueCare with the Owl, a platform which has consistently been shown to enhance an organization’s ability to provide quality care, increase patient engagement and improve clinical outcomes.”

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