Jacksonville patient receives first of its kind wireless pacemaker in Northeast Florida

A breakthrough device known as a wireless pacemaker is now being tested in Jacksonville. It’s the first of its kind in Northeast Florida and doctors say it could serve as a lifeline for those suffering from heart disease.

Its no secret, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.

According to St. Vincent’s Research Center, 200,000 patients are treated with pacemakers, however, 30 percent of those patients do not respond well to the devices. Kenneth Stoll is 73 years old, and is among those patients. 

Two years ago, Stoll moved to Jacksonville to enjoy retirement with his wife and grandchildren. Shortly after relocating, his health started to decline. He suffered from severe heart disease, causing multiple heart attacks.

“Last year, in 2019, I lost a year,” Stoll said. “I basically couldn’t do much of anything, dealing with congestive heart failure, the lack of complete heart function and just being tired. 2019, for all intents and purposes, for my wife and I, it didn’t exist. I mean, we didn’t do anything.”

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