At one health system, self-service portal now accounts for 28% of collections

“We lacked granular insights into how our patients prefer to manage their billing obligations and options that meet their financing needs,” said Mike Weed, senior vice president, financial operations, at Integris. “We also wanted to improve patient satisfaction and track patient feedback about their individual experiences.”

As a community-centered, non-profit, the community is Integris’ shareholder, and it’s important for Integris to maintain healthy margins in order to give back to the people it serves through investments in community programs, such as local rescue missions, schools and outreach to seniors, or wellness initiatives, such as the provider’s mobile wellness clinic, Weed explained.

“However, the challenge for statewide health systems like Integris, with incredibly large and diverse patient populations, is that pinpointing the needs and preferences of individuals is technically difficult, costly and resource-intensive,” he said.

To make that possible, a health system the size of Integris needs tools to better understand where patients are in their lives and empower them to make the right financial decisions for themselves and loved ones.

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